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What Is the iTero Scanner?

At Welcome Smile Dental, we like to use the latest in technology to save our patients time and ensure their comfort. It is always our goal to use technology that helps give us predictable results that we, as general dentists want to achieve for our patients. That is why we use a scanner in our office called the iTero Element Scanner.

This scanner allows us to take putty-less impressions so that you have no goop and no gagging while your mouth is being scanned. The scanner also saves us from having to take more redos as well as it gives us better fitting results.

The iTero Intraoral Scanner is designed to make the process of measuring your mouth easier and more comfortable than ever before while offering Dr. Kellen Smith a significantly higher degree of precision.

Why Use The iTero Scanner?

The iTero Scanner gives us higher resolution scans of your mouth by taking over 6,000 images per second. This allows us to get a highly detailed 3D model of your teeth. This scan is then interactive, which provides Dr. Kellen Smith with a comprehensive model which he can then use in your treatment planning.

Dr. Smith also uses the iTero Scanner for our Invisalign Clear Aligners cases. The iTero has an Invisalign outcome simulator that shows him a before and after of what your potential outcome Invisalign outcome could be. By using the Itero Scanner, he can then track your Invisalign progress at every appointment to ensure you are on track with your straightening progress. Be sure to come in and visit us for your complimentary Invisalign Scan using the iTero Scanner!

Dr. Smith also uses the iTero Scanner so he can monitor any changes in your tooth wear as well as any possible gum recession. Additionally, he also uses the scanner when creating Dental Crowns and Dental Bridges. As well he uses it for fabricating night guards to protect against Bruxism.

At Welcome Smile Dental, we find that the iTero Scanner allows our dentists to give our patients a significantly more comfortable scanning experience while providing our team with much greater accuracy. By making your appointments faster, this reduces the number of errors that were previously encountered using traditional putty molds and means less adjusting time while you are sitting in the chair.

We are pleased to offer the iTero Scanner system to all our patients as we feel it represents a new level of quality when performing Intraoral Scans.

Thank You For Choosing Welcome Smile Dental As Your New General Dentist!

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