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Nova Dental Clinic

Nova Dental Clinic

One way of distinguishing a reliable service provider from others is by examining their commitment to keeping up with developing techniques and technologies in their field. Nova Dental clinic is one such dental care provider in Costa Rica.

This is a facility that employs some of the most skilled specialists in the country for individuals seeking cosmetic dentistry overseas. They have a fully equipped center that allows them to perform all types of procedures, from orthodontics to dental surgery. As a practicing dentist in San Jose, Costa Rica, I refer my patients to the Nova Dental clinic for treatments that my facility may not be able to cater to adequately.

A Pace Setter in the Dental Care Field

Many detailed and complex dental procedures can only be performed by experienced and highly qualified dentists, with the help of specialized equipment. Some clinics may lack the staff and capacity to operate such machines, leaving this to only some of the most advanced dentistry facilities.

Nova Dental is one clinic that's always ahead of the curve when it comes to acquiring new technology and learning new techniques. One of their most notable offerings is microscope enhanced dentistry.

In most surgical treatments in the medical field, surgeons use microscopes during operations for enhanced visibility and precision. Dentists have, however, normally performed procedures with the naked eye. While this has been able to provide the desired results in most cases, it’s still not as effective as it can be when a microscope is used. This is one of the reasons why Nova Dental has introduced microscope-enhanced dentistry for use in most of their procedures.

The Uses and Benefits of Microscope-Enhanced Dentistry

Whichever dental treatment you can think of can be enhanced and made more accurate when performed under a microscope. For instance, removing decayed tissue is one of the most common procedures. In most cases, the dentist has to give a root canal treatment to ensure that all the caries are removed. However, with the use of a microscope, this step can be avoided when unnecessary, as magnification allows the doctor to make a clear distinction between healthy and decayed tissue.

Another application of microscope-enhanced dentistry is in teeth whitening. During the procedure, the dentist can easily identify all areas with tartar and stain, allowing for more accurate results. Periodontal flap surgery, crowning, and filling are other procedures that are done better at the Nova clinic because of the use of advanced technology.

Affordable and Quality Dental Care

The advanced facilities at Nova dental facility should not intimidate you, as it remains to be a top destination for patients seeking affordable cosmetic dentistry in Costa Rica. This is one of the model facilities in the country that show it’s possible to receive quality dental care at pocket-friendly prices.

Get Top-Rated Dental Services

Besides the Nova Dental clinic, DaVinci’s Dental Care is another preferred destination for dental tourism in Costa Rica. I provide dental services such as all on 4 and all on 6 dental implants in Costa Rica that serve the unique needs of each patient. Call me today on 011 506 7131-0458 for more information about my world-class dental services.

Nova Dental Clinic
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