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If you struggle with drug or alcohol withdrawal, you need to come to our Newport Beach rehab center urgently! We treat addiction via a combination of medication, therapy, recreational activities, group and individual counseling and guidance, and long-term aftercare, according to our patients’ needs and goals. Here are five benefits of completing our rehabilitation treatment:

1. Safe and comfortable detox

The detox process is a critical component of our rehab in Newport Beach. It comes as a mix of medication and therapy, aiming to control the withdrawal’s effects, minimize or eliminate cravings, and cleanse your system of toxins. It is a great recovery tool when dealing with advanced addiction, where the patient cannot manage cravings without professional help. The detox process can inflict significant physical pain and mental torment when lacking clinical treatment. Our detox procedure uses specific medication to minimize the withdrawal’s impact and allow you to recover with as little discomfort as possible.

2. Dual diagnosis management

Most addiction victims struggle with co-occurring disorders like PTSD, stress-related mental issues, anxiety, depression, personality disorder, etc. These problems can impact your recovery and hold you back from achieving your sobriety goals. We use personalized medication plans to manage co-occurring disorders during our drug and alcohol rehab in Newport Beach. The dual diagnosis treatment will allow you to focus on your recovery and healing and remain sober in the long run, without fearing that they may return to haunt you.

3. Finding peer support

Addiction victims often find it difficult to bond with other people who genuinely care and want to help them. This can cause them to develop social anxiety and depression, which will worsen their condition as a result. Our detox center in Newport Beach, CA, puts you in contact with people dealing with similar issues so you can exchange moral and spiritual support along the way. You can now share your life stories and rehab experience with patients undergoing similar treatments and support each other during our rehab programs.

4. Educate yourself on addiction and relapse

Many people fall victim to substance addiction because they are oblivious to the risks and triggers that they might face. We educate all our patients during our drug and detox in Newport Beach, California, teaching them about:

  • Early and advanced signs of addiction
  • Withdrawal manifestations
  • Co-occurring disorders
  • The dangers of self-detox and self-treatment
  • Identifying social triggers, etc.

This educational program will help you remain sober in the long run and adopt a healthier lifestyle as a result.

5. Personal growth and development

We believe that successful rehabilitation is synonymous with personal growth, maturity, accountability, and responsibility. Our counselors and personal development professionals will teach you about long-term relapse prevention, optimal career choices, determination, and introspection as essential components of a successful and fulfilling life.

If you’re looking for the best rehab for addiction in Newport Beach, contact New Start Recovery at (855) 737-7363 and come in for assessment and intake! Our Newport Beach rehab center promotes healthy recovery and healing from addiction in a comfortable, welcoming, and secure environment.

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